A few words about us

ive been lucky to have attended so many weddings and witness the start of peoples married lives

working with a camera has taken me around the world - Spain, Germany, Sweden, LA & Vegas, and recently out to Bollywood
ive worked on film sets as a Grip a focus puller, a gaffer , a boomie (audio) , a steadicam operator a camera operator and camera crane operator.
Recently another camera operator said during a conversation that wedding shoots were "entry level" film.
wow funny how people see things when they've never actually had the experience
On set for film, drama and shows, you can rack up take 4,5 6 7 etc, with weddings there's Take 1 only for 99% of the time

Awarded Cinematographer of the year 1st Place for Australia
& 17th Place worldwide in the wedding industry experts awards.


What We Do

we try to capture the best possible image and audio quality during the wedding day

theres always going to be factors involved that are out of our control
losing light in a late afternoon photoshoot is not a problem for a photographer who turns on his flash.
the flash then creates another problem for the video guy as well as loss of light hes now doomed with banding on his video

this is overcome with some communication between the video op and the stills photographer.
Better planning of the wedding would make a huge difference
check out sunrise and sunset times for your day

Our commercial business

MediaFX Productions - ProFilm Hire - Video-Corporate

TV and Cinema advertising, corporate filming, light and sound

MediaFX profilm Hire Video-Corporate

Wedding Event Hire LIVE Event Filming

Ella my assistant and daughter
Youth Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, 2 x Australian National boxing champion, Australian Golden gloves champion, Queensland champion, wide bay champion, when shes not away fighting weekends she will help her dad, she has filmed weddings alone at 15 years of age and has assisted over a hundred weddings
a clever girl who understands composition, lighting, and sound

bigsmiles wedding videos