Terms and conditions

Thank you for booking with BigSmiles

We dont have 63 pages and clauses of terms and conditions

But What we have are basic terms and conditions that are as reasonable as can be for our customers.
cancellation notice as early as possible - minimum of 1 month, balance returnable date deposit 2 months notice or Free postponement to future date, one time only,
Deposit returns:
Non Returnable Date Deposits
No ifs or buts, you are responsible for booking the date and if you choose to change the date or not get married or use a friend to video the wedding you will NOT be refunded the date deposit,
What if the videographer fails to turn up, this has never happened but could happen through illness, loss, war etc, or even if the videographer feels that it would be wrong to attend a wedding if there was bad feeling/ vibes given by one or both of the couple, such as the couple failing to send over the address locations or times of ceremony or events, my telepahtetic skills dont work anymore - and this would be evident that the couple would be either rude, ignorant, lazy , disrespectful or all of these. Good manners cost nothing,, i dont go to work treading on eggshells..
Balance payments:
Balance payments must be made in full 7 days prior to the hire date.
Balance payments are non returnable
Bigsmiles do in effect offer a No price increase postponement into the future that suits the customer
Health or National crisis issues:
BigSmiles understand people can become ill at any time and sometimes there are worldwide or national issues such as Viruses (Sars or Covid19)
therefore We are very flexible at Bigsmiles and will postpone the date into the future that suits the client with No extra cost (terms for this is that the date should be of similar stature) such as a weekday booking will still be a weekday booking, and a weekend booking will still be a weekend booking
Wet weather: We have for many years worked in wet weather but should wet weather be so bad that the bride or groom wish to cancel or postpone then we will be happy to postpone into the future as like for like (one time only).

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